Future Plans

  • Many of MADA’s Food Bank clientele do not have the ability to transport their monthly provisions and supplies. We plan to start a delivery service to bring it to their door.

  • We’re already working on The MADA Care and Support Program which will provide ongoing periodic (daily where required) contact with and support for the elderly and infirm with little or no support system. We’ll help to take care of their needs through medical and beyond.

  • We’re looking forward to opening a dental clinic which will be available to our clientele at no charge. We already have a number of Dentists prepared to donate of their time and skills.

  • MADA provides Kosher food to all our clientele irrespective of religion or observance. At the same time we receive donated foodstuffs that are not Kosher. We’re considering diversifying and opening a second facility at a nearby location (already looking for one) where we could provide non-Kosher to those for whom it makes no difference. We could call this proposed facility ADAM.