Passover Success at Mada




 Mada’s annual effort to bring the warmth and joy of traditional Passover Seders and holiday meals to those who are alone or without means, met with great success. During the two weeks before and during Passover, over 500 volunteers peeled, chopped, processed and cooked over 10,000 pounds of fresh produce, 2000 pounds of salmon and 1300 chickens. Delicious three course meals, complete with the traditional Seder plates, handmade Shmurah matzah , wine, beverages and desserts  were elegantly served to all participants. The recital of the Hagaddah, and joyous Passover songs created an environment of joy and meaning.

Thank you!
Thank you to the hosting sponsors and donors!

Thank you to the dedicated Mada volunteers who set up at the 10 different locations, served and ensured that all participants were cared for and satisfied.

Thank you to all the Seder attendees! 

As Andrea Lozoff, a participant at the Gelber location commented, “The lovely atmosphere of the children and the caring of the volunteers made the evening a delight!”

During the week of Passover, the kitchen and cafeteria at Mada continued in full swing, serving hot Kosher for Passover daily and holiday meals. 1400 Shabbat to Share boxes were delivered for Shabbat and holiday meals thanks to Mada’s indispensable and devoted volunteers and drivers.

Mada volunteer, Ruth, summed it up, “Knowing that so many in our community benefited from the true joy and warmth of Passover is so meaningful to me. Passover has taken on a  new dimension in my life”!





CJAD – Tommy Schnurmacher Show 


(April 25, 2014)

MADA Purim dinner


| Purim 2014

Purim 2014

800 Community members gather for a Purim dinner in the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, arranged and hosted by the Mada Community Center. The guests range from people that receive services from MADA to volunteers and donors.

Everyone was wined & dinned with a full course meal. There were two reception halls lively with music! One hall had a family, child friendly program, with a special thanks to the ‘Mad Science’ show that educated & entertained the children. The other hall seating 500 people was welcomed by two of our favourite guest speakers Rabbi Whitman of the Adath Israel and Rabbi Sirota who addressed the the crowd in Russian. Rabbi Sirota is the rabbi of the Russian community.

The evening was complete with the customs of Purim including the Megillah reading, mashloach manot (MADA provided gifts bags with food treats which were distributed for the guest to exchange among each other), everyone having the opportunity to give charity and even the yummy custom to eat the famous hamentash cookies.

A heartfelt thank you to the volunteer that joined MADA leading up the the event by preparing the 800 Mishloach manot gift bags as well as the scores of volunteers that spent the day Sunday March 16th on different shifts setting up, plating food, greeting guests, serving, singing and making people happy… and cleaning up.

Please call Mada if you would like to host or volunteer for these events. Passover is your next opportunity!

(March 24, 2014)


A Unique Bat Mitzvah celebration took place at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue on Feb. 16. Inspired by the chesed of their parents, who are devoted volunteers at MADA Community Center, Kellie Elkrief, Lola Toledano, and Sarah Bensemana decided to share their bat mitzva with women and girls who participate in Mada’s year long activities and services.

Over 500, women received elegant invitations and were treated to a full course festive dinner. Sitting at beautifully set tables,the guests enjoyed soulful music and a Dvar Torah by Rebetzen Lisa Steinmetz and an inspirational speech by Corrie Sirota. Raffles and prizes were distributed throughout the event and gift bags were received by all.

The event was coordinated by Mada Community Center with joint efforts of the Mada volunteers, families and classmates of the bat mitzvah celebrants who set the tables, served and brought joy and happiness to all attendees.

(February 27, 2014)