Shavout Success at MADA


| Shavuot 2017

Hundreds of people, adults, families, and children, came to celebrate Shavuot holiday, with MADA family.

Four full course meals were served over the 2 days of the holiday.
With warmth and joy, they participated in the receiving of the Torah then celebrated with a festive meal and ice cream party.

Many thanks to all the amazing volunteers who are always there and those that came for a special visit, Many thanks for making and distributing 2,600 “Shabbat to Share” and Shavuot Holiday meals.

MADA would like to thank you all, as well, for preparing and serving the served 4 full course Shavuot meals in its beautiful Reception Hall.

(June 09, 2017)

With great gratitude, the MADA Community Center received a generous donation from CLV Group on April 26, 2017.

MADA has become Montreal’s central address for fighting poverty and loneliness, and CLV Group was eager to join forces in the battle.

We both look forward to working together more in the future for the good of the Montreal community.

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(May 08, 2017)


B’nai Brith Canada and the MADA Community Centre teamed up this Passover for a rejuvenated campaign, delivering some 2,000 food baskets to families who might otherwise go hungry during this holiday. They will do so again for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

MADA President Pesach Nussbaum with Ted Greenfield.

MADA President Pesach Nussbaum with Ted Greenfield.

MADA is a volunteer-based organization that evolved from a small neighborhood community centre to Montreal’s central address for fighting poverty and assisting people in need with the basic necessities of life while preserving their dignity and helping them become self-sufficient members of society. B’nai Brith has nurtured and funded the Holiday Food Basket program in Montreal for over 50 years. MADA, meanwhile, is recognized for its effectiveness in reaching and servicing over 18,000 clients, volunteers and supporters and engaging their expertise in converting dollars into food.

It was senior B’nai Brith Canada leaders Eric Bissell and Ted Greenfield who played key roles in solidifying this partnership. They credit noted Montreal Jewish businessman Amos Sochaczevski, the owner of The Suburban, for bringing B’nai Brith and MADA together. “Amos thought MADA was a good match because of their background in food and the logistics of distributing to the needy,” Bissell said.

With 1,300 chickens, 1,500 pounds of fish, thousands of pounds of vegetables and one massive community effort, MADA hosted nine Passover seders the last two nights across the city.

(May 08, 2017)

Passover Success at MADA


| Passover 2017

The sounds of “MA NISHTANA” spilled into the night, warming the hearts of those attending MADA’s Community Passover Seders. MADA held Seders at 9 locations throughout the city on September 10th and 11th. It was wonderful to see the rooms filled at each location adding up to about 2,300 people. The dinners provided many with the opportunity to celebrate Passover with others, in a family setting.

The MADA Family extends its sincere appreciation to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers for helping us to serve 5,300 meals throughout Passover. Included was the 9 community Seder locations, Shabbat to Share and daily cafeteria meals! Thank you for also packing and delivering 2,000 B’nai Brith MADA Passover Food Basket & over 1,900 Shabbat to Share boxes!


Our dedicated volunteers Include many adults, children, families, and groups that gave their time and effort during this hectic Passover month, to ensure that members of our community should have the opportunity to celebrate Passover with joy and dignity!


B’nai Brith Community Services group,  Dean Mendel’s group,  Diller Teens group, Lower Canada College group, Shaar Hashomayim Bar Mitzvah group, Akiva school Bat Mitzvah group, Yavne school, BBYO Montreal, Shabat to Share volunteers. The many individuals and families that volunteered hours of help.

We would like to thank all of the hosting locations for the MADA Community Seders and Olymbec for offering their premises for the B’nai Brith MADA Holiday Food Baskets.

We apologize if anyone was inadvertently left out.

(May 04, 2017)