Tipping the scale


We eagerly await the universal Redemption. Then, the world will be devoid of hate and greed, free of suffering and strife, and suffused with the wisdom and goodness of its Creator.

Maimonides writes : a single deed, a single word, even a single thought, has the power to tip the scales and bring redemption to the world.

The nature of our world is perfect and good, our every good action is real and enduring. Every negative thing is just that — a negative phenomenon. Hence the common equation of evil and good with darkness and light. Darkness is just the absence of light. Light need not combat and overpower darkness in order to displace it — where light is, darkness is not. A little light will banish a roomful of darkness.

No matter how dark the world may seem or feel, light is just a single action away.
If we open our eyes to this reality, we will bring redemption to the world. Today.

From the Rabbi Lubavitcher
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