Passover, the path to unity


One of the basic significances of the Pesach Festival is that it represents the birthday of our people as one Jewish nation. Every individual became a part of a singular entity, Am Yisrael. As a people, our strength is that we can each maintain our distinct characters and use our unique gifts to contribute to the Jewish community, as a whole.

How is unity between individuals and the collective achieved?

The name “Passover” denotes the miracle when G-d passed over the homes of the Israelites in Egypt, and spared their lives, leading to the miraculous delivery from Egyptian slavery.

Passover also has a deeper spiritual meaning, which indicates to us how every individual has the capacity to leap over partitions separating Jew from Jew and individual from community, until all are united and merged into the single organic entity that constitutes the Jewish nation!

G-d gives us the ability to rise above our narrow personal interests and overcome our differences, for the sake of unity – so that not one soul be lost. This unity which is charged from helping each other and intervening on each other’s behalf, will definitely expedite the final Redemption!

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