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M4M 2015

Montreal had been abuzz for months as it prepared for its annual Masterpieces 4 MADA gala. The community rallied together to support this important cause. Many collected auction prizes, schools prepared beautiful art pieces and artists donated their artwork. Their hard work culminated in a beautiful event at the Windsor Ballrooms on May 19. The camaraderie, rich food and endless cocktails made it an event to remember. But, the most beautiful part of the evening was the gathering of Montreal’s finest, joined in unity, to fight hunger.

Famous comedians Orny Adams and Jim Breuer had the crowd in tears, demonstrating how we too can “Laugh Away the Tears.”
The Gala was led by the articulate Debra Arbec, head anchor at CBC News.

Thanks to the generous Montreal community, over $200 000 was raised to feed the needy through MADA’s cafeteria.

Looking forward to seeing you next year. Together, we can fight hunger!

Comedian Orny Adams

Comedian Orny Adams

Comedian Jim Breuer

Comedian Jim Breuer

Head anchor at CBC Debra Arbec

Head anchor at CBC Debra Arbec




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CBC New Coverage


Video shown at M4M Gala


(May 28, 2015)

We’re Moving


| New Building

The MADA Community Centre has transformed itself from a grassroots organization to the central address for combating poverty in the Montreal Jewish community. Demand for MADA’s services continues to rise, every day!

We have now outgrown our current space at the Cote Des Neiges Plaza. In order to make way for a big box store at the mall, as of May 1st, our lease is up and we are moving to our new and permanent location at 6875 Decarie Blvd. Our staff, offices, social workers, kitchen and cafeteria have made the transition to our new building. The food bank will be relocated at a later date.

Decarie-Boulevard_edited (2)

Mada Community Center – 6875 Decarie Blvd

We are certain that the new MADA headquarters will allow us to better serve our clients and also facilitate new programs that could not be housed in our previous locale. We look forward to welcoming you to our new premises!


(May 01, 2015)

Passover Update


| Passover 2015

We at the MADA Community Center extends our sincere gratitude to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers for helping us to serve 5,000 Passover meals at 10 community Seders! Thank you for also packing and delivering kosher for Passover Shabbat to Share boxes!
May we continue to fulfill the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s teaching: “Let no Jew be left behind.”

Pictures of our volunteers

To view pictures of passover prep please click here

Coverage on CBC NEWS



(April 17, 2015)


Mada thanks purim sponsor and volunteers who enabled the community to celebrate the Purim festival with joy and happiness!

Irwin Miller, well known for his philanthropy in the Montreal Jewish community, wanted to celebrate his special birthday in a unique way! He wanted to share this special occasion with all the attendees at the  Mada annual Purim dinner celebration.

Irwin Miller
Irwin Miller

On Purim day, March 5, 2015, over 900 people including seniors, adults and families with children gathered at the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue. They were treated to a festive full course meal, musical entertainment, with separate programs in separate halls for the adults and the children. Rabbi Krasniansky of Chabad of the Town  and Rabbi Steinmetz of TBDJ greeted the guests in the Purim spirit!

The holiday was complete with the customs of Purim including the Megillah reading, Mishloach Manot (MADA provided gifts bags with food treats which were distributed for the guests to exchange among each other), everyone having the opportunity to give charity and even the yummy custom to eat the famous hamantaschen cookies.

A heartfelt thank you to Irwin Miller for sponsoring the Mada Purim event in honor of his special birthday!

Mada also thanks the sixth grade  of Talmud Torah who packed hundreds of Mishloach Manot, and the sixth grade of Hebrew academy who set up the tables on Purim day! The children received innovatively packed Mishloach Manot, thanks to the courtesy of Lori Bassal Abadi !

Thanks to the devoted Mada volunteers who spent their Purim  serving, greeting the guests., singing and sharing the joy of Purim with all the attendees !

Please call Mada if you would like to host or volunteer for holiday events. Passover is your next opportunity!


Mada remercie le commanditaire et les bénévoles de Pourim commanditaire qui ont permis à la communauté de célébrer la fête POURIM dans la joie et le bonheur!

“Irwin Miller, philanthrope bien connu de la communauté juive de Montréal, souhaitait célébrer son anniversaire de manière bien particulière! Il désirait partager cette occasion spéciale pour célébrer avec tous les participants le diner annuel de Pourim de MADA.

Irwin Miller
Irwin Miller

Le 5 mars 2015 dernier, jour de Pourim, plus de 900 personnes incluant les personnes âgées, les adultes et les familles avec leurs enfants se sont rassemblés à la synagogue Spanish & Portuguese.
Deux programmes distincts étaient proposés pour la salle des adultes et celle des familles avec enfants : repas festif complet, et animation musicale. Rabbi Krasniansky du Chabad de TMR et le rabbin Steinmetz de TBDJ ont accueilli les invités dans l’esprit de Pourim!

La fête fut couronnée de traditions de Pourim comprenant la lecture Méguila, les mishloa’h Manot (MADA avait fourni des sacs cadeaux contenant des gourmandises pour êtres distribués aux invités à échanger entre eux), tout le monde avait ainsi la possibilité de donner de la charité et de déguster le traditionnel  et délicieux biscuit de hamentach.

Un merci bien sincère à Irwin Miller d’avoir parrainé le repas de Pourim de MADA  en l’honneur de son spécial anniversaire!

MADA remercie également les élèves de la sixième année de Talmud Torah qui ont emballé des centaines de Michloa’h Manot et ceux de la sixième année de l’Académie hébraïque qui ont dressé si joliment les tables le jour de Pourim! Les enfants ont reçu de jolis Michloa’h Manot savamment décorés, courtoisie de Lori Bassal Abadi!

Merci aux dévoués bénévoles de MADA qui ont consacré leur Pourim pour recevoir les invités, servir, chanter et partager la joie de Pourim avec tous les participants!

Si vous désirez être hôte ou faire du bénévolat lors d’évènement festifs, nous vous prions de nous appeler. Pessa’h est votre prochaine occasion!

(March 10, 2015)

Chanukah Highlights


| Chanukah 2014


Chanukah Highlights

On Dec. 21, the fifth day of Chanukah, MADA hosted a double Chanukah Dinner Party at the Spanish &Portuguese Synagogue. The adult party took place in the Lawee Hall, and the children’s’ celebration, in the Aintabi Hall, which were festively decorated in the Chanukah spirit. Over six hundred adults and two hundred and fifty children attended. In the Chanukah tradition, a candle lighting ceremony was the highlight of the event!

The joy and excitement were intense as the adults were entertained by a Cantorial choir. Special thanks to the volunteer Cantors, Daniel Small of Shomrim Laboker Congregation, Yitzchak Epstein of Chevra Kadisha Congregation and Yitzchak Rosenberg of Beth Zion Congregation. They electrified the atmosphere with Chanukah songs and music.

The children were entertained by Mr. Music and a special Magic show! The exceptional joy and happiness which were shared by the children were beyond words. To top it all off, a delightful three course holiday meal was served complete with latkes and doughnuts. Gift bags were distributed to all adult attendees. Exciting games, toys and candy filled dreidels were handed out to all the children.

The success of these delightful Chanukah programs was made possible by the dedicated volunteers of Mada Community Center, Ben Porat Yossef Group (BPY), Hillel  at University of Montreal, and the Montreal Jewish Singles (MJS)

This was an amazing event never to forget!

Les Points Saillants de Hanouccah

Le 21 décembre, nous célébrions le cinquième jour de Hanouccah, et à cette occasion, MADA a organisé un double diner de Hanouccah à la synagogue Spanish & Portuguese. La réception pour les adultes a eu lieu dans la salle Lawee, et celle pour les enfants dans la salle Aintabi. Ces deux salles étaient décorées dans l’esprit de la fête de ‘Hanouccah où plus de six cents adultes et deux cent cinquante enfants y ont participé. Dans la tradition de ‘Hanouccah, la cérémonie d’allumage des bougies fut le clou de la soirée!

Les adultes étaient si enthousiastes et joyeux en écoutant le chœur cantorial. Un merci tout particulier aux chantres bénévoles, Daniel Small de la Congrégation Shomrim Laboker, Yitzchak Epstein de la Congrégation Chevra Kadisha et Yitzchak Rosenberg de la Congrégation Beth Zion. Ces trois cantors ont galvanisé l’atmosphère avec des chansons de Hanoucca et de la musique.

Les enfants ont été divertis par M. Musique et un spectacle de magie! La joie et le bonheur que les enfants ont manifesté étaient au-delà des mots. Pour couronner le tout, un délicieux repas de fêtes de 3 services a été servi avec des latkes et des beignets. Des paquets-cadeaux ont été distribués à tous les participants adultes. Des jeux passionnants, des jouets et des toupies remplies de friandises ont été remis à tous les enfants.

Ces deux réjouissants projets n’auraient jamais connu un tel succès sans le support des dévoués bénévoles du centre communautaire MADA, le groupe de Ben Portat Yossef (BPY), le Hillel de l’université de Montréal ainsi que les Juifs Célibataires de Montréal (MJS).

Ce fut toute une inoubliable et mémorable célébration.


(December 23, 2014)