Care & Call

Based on a serious need in our community, MADA has organized a unique volunteer opportunity. Living alone and being overlooked on a regular basis can be harmful and at times, catastrophic. There are too many elderly and disabled people in our community who live alone in their apartments and go unnoticed for days, even weeks.

Who will know if an emergency arises? We are a caring community, but that is not enough.We must take action to ensure our neighbors are safe and not forgotten.

A quick phone call once a day can help guarantee the safety and wellbeing of a person who lives alone and give them peace of mind and a sense of security that can help take away some of the loneliness. This phone call is the first stage of a three-stage safety initiative of General Care, Hospital Care, and Ultimate Care.

General Care

  1. Get informed
  2. Care and sign up
  3. Take the training workshop
  4. Be assigned up to 2 people to call.
  5. Make a daily call from an unidentified phone number, “Is everything ok today?” (excluding Shabbat & Jewish Holidays)
  6. You might just “Build a friendship”
  7. Keep a daily log
  8. Keep MADA posted once a week
  9. MADA will provide a set of steps if client is unexpectedly and unusually absent or requires medical care

Hospital Care (or Wellness Visit)

  1. Get informed
  2. Sign up
  3. Take the training workshop
  4. Be assigned one client needing medical care
  5. Make a daily weekday hospital visit
  6. Based on power-of-attorney, advocate for the client, interacting with medical staff and promoting the clients wellbeing

Ultimate Care

  1. Sign up
  2. In the unfortunate event that a client who is completely alone passes away, make & supervise the funeral arrangements
  3. Volunteer will be trained to follow the necessary procedure both with Paperman’s and with the Quebec government.

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